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Frequently Asked Questions
Q:    How much do I receive for consigning my items?
A:    The consignor will receive 40% of the price that the item is sold for.
Q:    How much does a consignment account cost?
A:    All clothing and furniture consignment accounts are free to open.      
Q:    When can I bring in my items?
A:    Clothing and furniture may be consigned at any time during store hours.  
Q:    What condition do the clothes have to be in?
A:     All clothing must be cleaned, pressed and on hangers
Q:    How many items can I sell?
A:    An unlimited number of items may be brought in to be reviewed for consignment.
Q:   Who determines the price of my items?
A:    Prices will be determined by The Snooty Fox to best sell your items at the most profitable price! 
Q: What type of clothing are you taking?
A: Any brands in great condition that are in season. Fall season begins mid-August. Spring season begins mid-February.

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