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We are currently accepting Spring and Summer clothing!

Monday –  Friday 10am to 8pm
Saturday 10am to 5pm
Sunday   12pm to 5pm

We sure do! We take mens, childrens, and ladies clothing!

Yes, we offer free pick up for items pre approved that are within our pick up area.

No, we don’t deliver furniture . Each locations has a list of independent movers that we can recommend.

Located in the Greater Cincinnati area. We have 7 clothing locations and 4 furniture locations. Click here for locations.

The platinum card is a discount card for $10. This one time fee provides customers with a discount card valid for 1 year from time of registering. The platinum card provides 10% off any regular priced item. It is valid at all locations, clothing and furniture. Many sales and events, such as 20% and 50% sales are offered throughout the year. This card is available at all locations at any time.

Twice a year the Snooty Fox holds a Designer Sale at the Milford location. Designer clothing, shoes and handbags from all 7 locations are brought to Milford for a 50% sale. This designer Sale happens in the Spring from Apr 30 to May 5 and the Fall. from oct 15 to oct 20.

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Do you have a comment or question? We love hearing from you, our employees will be happy to assist you! Just visit or call one of our locations for more information about The Snooty Fox or The Snooty Fox Furniture Den.

Now Accepting Spring and Summer

Hours OF Operation

Monday thru Friday

10am to 8pm


10am to 5pm


12pm to 5pm