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Donna Speigel is a force to be reckoned with in the world of consignment business, both in Greater Cincinnati and nationally. Her  consignment journey began in 1980 opening a small shop in Terrace Park, Ohio where she meticulously curated a collection of gently worn pre-loved clothing. Donna had a keen eye for quality and a passion for giving quality gently worn items a new lease on life.

What set Donna apart from anyone else, was not just her ability to draw hidden gems but also her unwavering determination to elevating the consignment business . She had a vision to transform her modest consignment shop into a thriving business that would become a staple in the community and a legend in the nation. Donna believed in sustainability and the idea that great style didn’t have to come at a high-cost years before the industry took off!

As the years passed, Donna’s expanded consignment business became the go-to destination for fashion enthusiasts. She soon thereafter decided to expand and added furniture and accessories to the Snooty Fox family, attracting home decorators, both personal and professional . Donna’s knack for creating a welcoming and stylish atmosphere in her stores drew in customers from all walks of life. Her commitment to customer satisfaction and her friendly approach made her not just a business owner but a beloved figure in the community.

Donna’s business acumen didn’t stop at the storefront. She embraced technology and social media to expand her reach beyond the physical walls of her shop. With an active online presence, producing and appearing in her own TV commercials, and appearing on her regional billboards, Donna is a able to connect with a broader audience and attract consignors from different parts of the region. Her dedication to adapting to the changing the landscape of consignment retail sets her apart in the industry.

Donna wasn’t satisfied with just one successful store. She set her sights on expansion. With careful planning and a fearless attitude, Donna opened 10 satellite locations in the Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky area. Each new venture brought its own set of challenges, but Donna faced them head-on, learning and growing with each experience.

The national consignment business has never seen someone quite like Donna Speigel. Her ability to lead and innovate in an industry that often-faced challenges was truly remarkable. Donna’s story has become an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs, proving that with passion, perseverance, and a commitment to customer service ,employee relationship, and sustainability, all combined she could build a thriving business that has continually grown for 43 years!.

Donna’s Snooty Fox business continues to flourish and grow, not just as a business but as a testament to the unstoppable spirit of its founder. Donna Speigel has created more than a successful consignment empire – she has built a legacy that echoes in the hearts of 4 generations of shoppers who value community, style, and the art of giving quality items a new lease on use.

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